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Thread: Umbrella Palm Care

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    Umbrella Palm Care

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you might have. I have a small 50 gallon container pond with a few goldfish/minnow, aerator, filter, hardy dwarf waterlily, and Dwarf Umbrella Palm.
    Over the winter I had a pond heater in place which kept the surface form freezing over, the water lily did great and is already sending up new shoots, the Dwarf Umbrella Palm did die back, but is already sending up new stalks.

    My concern is that I didn't think to thin out the pot before now, and I worry that the roots may have become too crowded in the (fabric) pot in which the palm is planted. Is this recommended? And if so, what is the best way to do it without damaging live roots so that the plant will rebound in the spring?

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    Just pull it out and hack it up. The plant is very hardy, and if you don't thin it, it will be huge. I speak from experience! They get so many roots they split their pots.
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