We export from Tanzania and Malawi wild caught Cichlids like: Cyphotilapia* gibberosa* (Fulwe* Rocks),kapampa, chaitika,* Altolamprologus, Frontosas, Aulonocranus, challochromis, tropheus, Benthochromis trocoti, Benthochromis horri, cyphotilapia, enatiopus, erethmodus, Tanganicodus, Synodontis, Petrochromis, Xenotilapia, Callochromis macrops, Callochromis melanostigma, Cyatopharynx furcifer "Sibwesa", Cyphotilapia frontosa, Cyphotilapia frontosa "Bangwe yellow", Cyphotilapia frontosa "Blue Mpimbwe", Cyprichromis leptosoma, Petrochromis famula "Tembwe", Tropheus moori, Tropheus duboisi, Xenotilapia and many many more. We collect and export wild caught Tanganyikan and Malawian cichlids from over 25 collection points from the lakes. We collect and export more than 80 different species of cichlids. Contact us for our price list. Our website: www.prime-cichlids.bloombiz.com And our email: cichlids@protonmail.com