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Thread: New Pond Owner and Need Help

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    New Pond Owner and Need Help

    Hello everyone,

    I purchased a home a few years back with a pond in the backyard, which was new to me. I am not sure how many gallons are in the pond due to its L-shape and variable depth, but I would guess it is close to a quarter acre or just under based on my yard size. Pictures are attached.

    Per the advice of a local pond shop I have been using the blue stuff, some barley, and just recently tried some bacteria packets. For the last couple of years it worked fairly well, but over this past year some muskrats got into the pond and dug tunnels all over the perimeter and have caused significant erosion and now I am getting some issue with a swamp next door. Also, this year the algae has gotten pretty bad and the pond is mostly stagnant.

    I have put up some traps to try and deal with the muskrats and am putting in dirt through the holes, but I am looking for some recommendations on how to prevent them from doing further damage and how to fight erosion from the swamp next door. My kids liked swimming in the pond, but after a muskrat nearly took my dog's nose off, I am worried about them being in the water since it is so cloudy I can't see if there are muskrats.

    I was also considering getting a submersible pond pump and build a waterfall on one side to at least get the water moving somewhat to get a little bit of oxygen - would this help get oxygen to the pond to fight algae and help fish at all? Was looking at a 6550 GPH pump which I know is too small for perfect size, but it fits the budget.

    I was also watching several DIY videos for filter systems using a series of 3 55 gallon drums - would something like that help the water over time or is the pond too big?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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