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Thread: Gold fish died

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    Gold fish died

    11 years ago I inherited a small garden pond with a few goldfish (3-4" long).

    In my ignorance I did nothing to it except the first 4 years twice I drained, cleaned & refilled with tap water & put back the 10 fish, Lily & Iris plant baskets.

    Never fed the fish all these years & all seemed well, except a few weeks ago I found two bend dead ones.

    The pond was drained, cleaned & refilled with tap water (No DE chlorinator) & put back the 6 fish, 6 Newts, two small frogs, & the Lily & Iris plant baskets.

    I was advised at the local Pond AQUA & bought an all in one Laguna PowerClear Multi 3500/ with foam, bio brick filters & UV.

    The filters were cleaned once a week 4 times.

    Today I found a dead fish , but not bend, it looked in good physical & colour condition.

    I removed a lot of Algae & toped up with tap water using "Pond Tap Water treatment" by Aqua Pond Care, and covered it from the sun (25deg air temp).

    I could not upload a photo of my pond??

    Can you please tell me how to correct any readings that are low.

    Today the water readings are:-
    NO3 10
    No2 0.5
    GH 14
    KH 6
    PH 7.2
    CL2 2
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