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    We put in a pond 6 years ago, it was supposed to be 12'x14'x4', I put orange paint lines on the ground and went about my housework as hubby and friend used backhoe to do the digging, I went out to check progress and just about fainted, I started yelling for them to stop, I was looking at a 24'x32'x4.5 graduating to2'deep hole!!! So this is what we did and I cannot keep the water clear it is always murky greenish/brown. Used liner, put 2 4" bottom drains that gravity feed into what was supposed to be a settling chamber (hubby argued with me as I tried to explain that muck had to be able to settle in bottom and be able to be flushed out (oivey!!) what we wound up with is : 2 4" bottom drains gravity fed into 100 stock tank in ground( serving NO purpose ) that then is piped to 2 different pumps that feed into 4 skippy filters. We have a skimmer on it's own pump ( we are going broke from all the electric used :) The 2 pumps one is 10,000gph and the other is 7500 gph. The skimmer pump feeds into 1 skippy filter, 10,000 gph pump feeds into 2 skippy filters and of course 7500 gph pump feeds other 2 skippys including the one being fed by skimmer. It has been in operation for 5 years, no fish loss, fish seem happy and healthy when they come to feed ring, I just can't see them very well. By my trying to figure things out I am pretty sure there is 22,980 gallons in main pond the upper pond feeding waterfall is 3807 gallons and the 4 100 gallon Skippy's are running at 1/2 so that would equal 200 gallons for a total of 26, 987 gallons.There aren't any plants in main pond but the upper waterfall pond has plants and NO fish. OTHER than tearing everything out can someone PLEASE give me advice as to pumps, better filtration etc. all of piping to and after pumps is 2" and the bottom drains are 4" into the stock tank. I would like to be able to see my koi and enjoy them, I can do dishes and see them from the kitchen window, only when I use pond-zyme muck buster, small amount of algacide( I know, don't yell at me) I am now Nualgi but the only thing it seems to be doing is taking my money :) Any reasonable suggestions would be most appreciated.
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